Mike Pusley Tax Increase for homeowners ad

Tax Decrease

2 story homeCity Councilman Calls For Tax Relief

“During my campaign, I promised accountability to the taxpayers. With this in mind, I am calling for an increase in homestead exemptions.” – Councilman Mike Pusley

Proposal Increases Homestead Exemption by 10%

To provide tax relief to Corpus Christi homeowners, Councilman Mike Pusley is proposing increasing the homestead exemption by 10%, giving Corpus Christi residents a total 20% exemption.

Proposal Protects Those On Fixed Incomes

Councilman Mike Pusley’s proposal would also increase the exemption for those 65 and older by $12,500.00

Ask your local councilmember to support Councilman Mike Pusley in cutting our property taxes.